Ruston Christian has two preschool classrooms, one for young preschoolers ages 3-4 and one for pre-kindergarteners ages 4-5.

The Ruston Christian preschool curriculum is presented through a variety of centers, which encourage children to explore, create, experiment and pursue new interests. Our separate interest centers offer children a range of clear choices, from books, art and games to dramatic play, building and housekeeping. Whether your child prefers working alone or engaging with other kids, there’s always something to do.

THE ART CENTER: Our art center is an inviting place where children’s artwork is proudly displayed. In the art center, children can find paper for drawing and painting. Colored pencils, markers, crayons, child-safe scissors, glue sticks, paste and more are available to help kids express themselves.

THE MANIPULATIVE (TOY AND GAME) CENTER: Here your kids will find puzzles, building blocks, matching games and other games that can be played at a table or on the floor. Children practice hand-eye coordination while placing pegs in a pegboard or building with interlocking pegs. They also learn to cooperate with one another by sharing and taking turns as they play a game or build a design.

THE BLOCK CENTER: Here, children can play with hardwood unit blocks, which have smooth edges and are easy for small fingers to manipulate. The variety of sizes and shapes help enhance children’s development of patterns, number concepts, geometry, spatial sense and measurement. A mini gas station, train set and doll houses help extend your children’s block play into dramatic play.

THE HOUSEKEEPING CENTER: The familiar household furnishings, dress-up clothes and accessories in the housekeeping center inspire children to engage in dramatic play, breaking through the restrictions of reality and pretending to be someone or something different. Dramatic play helps deepen their understanding of the world.

THE SCIENCE CENTER: In our science area, children do what scientists do: They ask questions, plan and conduct investigations, gather information, construct and explanation and communicate findings. They learn about scientific concepts as they study plants, animals, magnets, light and shadows, our body, our senses, how things move and change, and more.

THE LANGUAGE ARTS CENTER: Our center creates a literacy-rich environment. Ruston Christian students listen to quality children’s literature every day, listen to books on tape and participate in action stories. They are encouraged to ask questions about stories, join in reciting rhymes, poems and songs, choose their favorite books during read-aloud time and learn and practice new words and letter sounds.

THE FOREIGN LANGUAGE CENTER: Preschool children at Ruston Christian are offered an opportunity to learn Chinese language. We create a game-like environment to teach Chinese language games and songs.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: The preschool Christian education curriculum focuses on the development of Christian character: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.