Ruston Christian Childcare has been a part of our lives since 2007. My oldest son started there when he was just 6 months old and we have loved the staff, the programs and the facility so much that we have stayed for 10 years. Both of my boys started as infants and spent time in each of the classrooms as they got older. The preschool program was fantastic and both of my boys started Kindergarten being more than prepared for the academic rigor. The staff has become more than teachers, they are like family and have helped in raising, educating, and loving my children.”

-Megan, former Ruston Christian parent

Our experience with Ruston Christian has been wonderful. The amazing teachers and staff helped our son grow from a shy toddler into a confident Kindergartener ready for elementary school.”

-Winston, former Ruston Christian parent

My daughter Angela started going to Ruston Christian Childcare & Preschool when she was 8 months old. She stayed there until she went to Kindergarten. The teachers are caring and engaging. Angela was so excited everyday to share with me what stories they read, what crafts she made, what science project she enjoyed. The teachers built such strong literacy and math foundation for my daughter.  I am so appreciative of their support. I highly recommend Ruston Christian Childcare & Preschool to all the working parents. And also, Angela loved the homemade breakfasts and lunches served there!”

-Jenny, former Ruston Christian parent

After a year at a different preschool, we switched to Ruston Christian and immediately felt at home with their friendly staff, gentle teachers and accessible facility. With space to be himself and learn at his own pace, our son finally thrived, both academically and socially. Ruston Christian’s focus on early reading and language development was a big attraction for us, and our son left for Kindergarten ready to take on the world. Now he tests well above his grade level in reading, and I feel sure that his early preparation at Ruston Christian is a big part of his success.

-Jill, former Ruston Christian parent

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